Body Detox

Ayurveda is based on an individual approach to correct imbalances before they develop into diseases. It relates to modern preventive medicine through five processes which maintain optimum health: detoxification and cleansing, boosting the effectiveness of the immune system, helping the body cope with stress with adaptogenic herbs, protecting the body with antioxidants, and rejuvenative tonics that keep the body toned to retard the aging process.

Everyday, we are collecting toxins both internally and externally. Internally, we may not eat on time, so you have too much of hydrocholoric acid, or maybe sitting too long at a computer, forgoing your exercise and to top it off, munching on cookies or healthy snacks in replacement of a meal just to finish your task. In a typical day, there is a pile up of toxins, and externally, we may be in a smokers area, so toxins can be piled up in various ways and we can't do much to avoid. The following products will remove toxins from your system and repair damage caused by them.

Ayurtox for Body Detoxification

Immunice for Immune Support

Youtharia for Anti-Aging & Longevity

Arthmender for Joint Rejuvenation

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