Joint Health

Joints hold the bones together and are designed to provide movement within the skeletal system. The main function of bone is support, while the joints allow a certain amount of flexibility and "give" to our structure. The synovial joints, where the ends of bone are connected by a joint cavity or capsule containing synovial fluid, allow freedom and fluidity in the articulation of our movements.

All of the supportive tissues, bones, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue, are kapha dosha, while the joint cavity or space where the bones meet is an element ruled by vata dosha. The joint capsule provides a container for the slippery synovial fluid, again a kapha substance, that lubricates the ends of the bone surfaces and also accommodates a tough, protective covering into which the ligaments and tendons can insert themselves. It is through the ligaments that nerve impulses are transmitted to the muscles signaling movement, a function of vata dosha.

Healthy joint tissue and function are crucial to how we move and express ourselves through our bodies. According to ayurveda, vitiated or disturbed vata dosha can create imbalance within the joints resulting in pain and discomfort. Most commonly affected joints are knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, fingers and toes.

The following products will help to restore vata dosha balance and improve your joint health.

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