Muscle Growth

Sherpa Strength nourishes and stimulates the musculoskeletal and respiratory system to relieve the effects of muscle protein catabolism (breakdown). It promotes muscle protein synthesis, by activating Glutamine, a key link in muscle metabolism. Glutamine is the primary transporter of nitrogen into the muscle cell and a key factor in muscle growth. Sherpa Strength controls the "skeletal muscle / whole body glutamine gradient" which is critical in maintaining and building muscle tissue. The higher the glutamine levels, the slimmer the chance you have of falling into catabolism. Sherpa Strength's herbal extracts also regulate anabolic growth hormone which controls the metabolic processes (including protein synthesis) in almost all tissues throughout your lifespan.

The active ingredients in Sherpa Strength help increase levels of nitric oxide, a key molecule that is produced naturally by the body. Nitric oxide causes vasodilation which increases blood flow and oxygen transport, delivers nutrients to skeletal muscle, and reduces blood pressure. By increasing blood circulation, your body's natural thermal energy is generated, promoting contractions of the motor neurons, stimulating liver function, enhancing the production of collagen in connective tissue, thereby enhancing the release of metabolic energy to "warm the body" and create a vital energy epicenter in the body to support intense physical activity. By keeping a consistent level of circulating energy, you are able to combat the catabolic effects of weight training, harness the anabolic activity of increased glucose and amino acid uptake, improve whole body nitrogen retention, and increase lean tissue protein.

Sherpa Strength for Muscle Enhancement

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