Prostate Care

Ayurstate contains the most potent prostate rejuvenating herbal concentrates available in Ayurvedic Science. Ayurstate will decrease the size of your prostate and reduce urethra inflammation by inhibiting the production of damaging metabolites and enzymes. Ayurstate will also improve your urine flow, semen production, and ejaculation control.

Ayurstate nourishes and stimulates the exocrine glands to relieve effects of prostate-related problems by normalizing the size of your prostate and keeping it from getting larger as a result of exposure to excess estrogen. This is accomplished through inhibition of polyamines and prostaglandins in the prostate. Ayurstate also supports and balances the healthy flow of urine by toning smooth muscles located in the urinogenital system and reducing inflammation of the urethra and prostate gland. In the long-term, Ayurstate aids in the maintenance of sexual health and reproductive vitality by rejuvenating the prostate gland at the cellular level.

Ayurstate for Prostate Care

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