Stress Relief

In our current high-stress culture, the body’s stress response is activated so often that the body doesn’t always have a chance to return to normal, resulting in a state of chronic stress. This has been found to cause the following problems: impaired cognitive performance, suppressed thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia, decreased bone density, decrease in muscle tissue, higher blood pressure, lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, and increased abdominal fat, which is associated with heart attacks, strokes, and the development higher levels of "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and lower levels of "good" cholesterol (HDL), which can lead to other health problems! To stay healthy, your body’s relaxation response must be activated after stressful situations.

The following products will bring your body back into balance, reverse the negative effects of stress, and help you to relax.

Mystic Sleep Supplement for a Good Night's Rest

Cosmic Joy for Mood Enhancement

AyurGold for Healthy Blood

Immunice for Immune Support

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