Kama Raja

Supports Healthy Male Performance

Benefited Health Profile
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Unable to obtain an erection
  • Weak erection
  • Poor ejaculation control
  • Losing confidence
Recommended For
  • Male Response Upkeep
  • Libido and Vitality Support
  • Ejaculation Maintenance
  • Performance Confidence

Kama Raja enhances male sexual response by fostering thermogenic activity in the genitals.

100% Herbal Extracts Formulation
Common Name Botanical Name Primary Benefits
Ashwagandha Withania Somnifera
Heightens sexual experience
Asparagus Racemosus
Nurtures the reproductive system
Tribulus Terrestris
Supports Luteinizing Hormone (LH) production
Indian Kudzu
Pueraria Tuberosa
Boosts aphrodisiac activity
Myristica Fragrans
Promotes healthy nervous system function
Phyllanthus Emblica
Supplies antioxidants to boost energy
Asparagus Adscendens
Asparagus Adscendens
Supports healthy semen production
Zingiber Officinale
Supports thermogenic response in genitals
Long Pepper
Piper Longum
Supports thermogenic response in genitals
Spanish Pellitory
Anacyclus Pyrethrum
Bolsters natural sensitivity of genitals
Chinese Chaste Tree
Vitex Negundo
Supports healthy inflammation response

Kama Raja's proprietary formulation contains 260 natural phytonutrients that exert 502 synergistic activities on your body. Many of these phytonutrients are widely recognized for their contribution to Men's Sexual Health.

For example:

  • Arginine - The majority of studies using L-Arginine to treat Erectile Dysfunction show positive treatment results (Wu G and Meininger , “Arginine Nutrition and Cardiovascular Function”. J Nutr ,130:2626-2629, 2000; Zorgniotti and Lizza, “Effect of Large Doses of the Nitric Oxide Precursor, L-Arginine on Erectile Dysfunction”, Int J Impot Res, 6:33-35,1994; Chen, Wollman, Chernichovsky, “Effect of Oral Administration of High-Dose Nitric Oxide Donor L-Arginine in Men with Organic Erectile Dysfunction: Results of a Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study”, BJU Int ,83:269-273,1999; Stanislavov and Nikolova, “Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with Pycnogenol and Larginine”, J Sex Marital Ther, 29:207-213, 2003; Klotz, Mathers, Braun, “Effectiveness of Oral L-Arginine in First-Line Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in a Controlled Crossover Study”, Urol Int, 63:220-223, 1999).

  • Choline and Pantothenic Acid - Research has concluded that Choline and Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) are used by the body to produce Acetylcholine - the neurotransmitter that supports sexual response (Fischer, daCosta, Kwock, “Sex and Menopausal Status Influence Human Dietary Requirements for the Nutrient Choline”, Am J Clin Nutr., 85(5): 1275-85, PMID: 17490963, 2007; Blusztajn, “Choline, a Vital Amine”, Science, Volume 281: pages 794-795, 1998; Zeisel, S.H., “Choline: an Essential Nutrient for Humans”, Nutrition, Volume 16: pages 669-671, 2000; Kohlmeier, da Costa, Fischer, and Zeisel, “Genetic Variation of Folate-Mediated one- Carbon Transfer Pathway Predicts Susceptibility to Choline Deficiency in Humans”, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2005, 102(44):16025-16030).

  • Protodioscin - Several studies support the pro-erectile effects of Protodioscin (Adimoelja A, Adaikan PG, “Protodioscin from Herbal Plant Tribulus Terrestris L. Improves Male Sexual Functions Possibly via DHEA”, Int J Impot Res 1997; 9:S64; Adaikan PG, Gauthaman K, Prasad RN, Ng SC. Proerectile Pharmacological Effects of Tribulus Terrestris Extract on the Rabbit Corpus Cavernosum”, Ann Acad Med Singapore 2000; 29:22-26; Gauthaman K, Ganesan AP, Prasad RN, “Sexual Effects of Puncturevine (Tribulus Terrestris) Extract (Protodioscin): an evaluation using a rat model”, J Altern Complement Med 2003; 9:257-265).

Suggested Use

Take one capsule after breakfast and one capsule after dinner.

Each box contains 60 capsules (500 mg) - 1 month's supply.

Lifestyle Recommendations

You can improve your sexual performance for the long-term by:

1) Taking Kama Raja - Kama Raja releases hundreds of phytonutrients that act at the molecular level to promote healthy tissue healing, support nervous system function, support core energy, maintain healthy liver function, upkeep normal hormonal balance (testosterone and growth hormone levels), support sperm production, nourish the reproductive system, engender circulation to extremities, and calm the mind.

2) Quitting Smoking and Limiting or Avoiding Alcohol and Caffeine

3) Exercising Regularly - A minimum of 20 minutes exercise daily will significantly improve your cardiovascular system and energy level, and reduce stress, tension, anxiety, and depression.

4) Eating Well-Balanced Meals

5) Getting Enough Sleep

6) Minimizing Stress - Stay positive, accept things beyond your control, set realistic goals and expectations, share troubled thoughts with family members and friends, learn to relax through "quiet time", deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques.

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