Lifestyle Supplements

Ayurtox for Body Detoxification

ClariMind Memory & Concentration Supplement

Cosmic Joy for Mood Enhancement

Mystic Sleep Supplement for a Good Night's Rest

Radiancio - Radiate Beauty from the Inside Out

Sherpa Strength for Muscle Enhancement

Yogic Slim for Weight Loss

Youtharia for Anti-Aging & Longevity

Ancient Remedies for Modern Times
Modern pace of life in the 24 / 7 Internet era is taking people to the brink of phystical and mental breakdown:
  • Focus and mental recall become limited from sensory overload and lack of rest

  • Never-ending stress leads to anxiety and mental fatigue

  • Sleep becomes more difficult as longer work hours lead to sleep deprivation and increased dependence on caffeine

  • Appearance suffers from poor nutrition and tiredness

  • Lack of exercise results in muscle and joint weakness

  • Obesity becomes rampant as build-up of cortisol and metabolic disruption take their toll

  • Colon, liver, and kidney functions suffer due to toxin overload
India Herbs' Lifestyle Supplements are targetted towards addressing modern lifestyle challenges in a safe and natural manner!

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