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Women's Health: Libido, Beauty, and Sleep
As women age, changes in horomonal levels in conjunction with body deterioration due to stressful living, poor nutrition, free radical damage, ailments, and drug side-effects lead to problems wtih sexual health, appearance, and sleep.

Sexual Health
Studies suggest that almost half of women in the United States suffer from one or more of four types of sexual dysfunction: low libido (hypoactive sexual desire), sexual arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder, and sexual pain disorder.  Low libido is the most prevalent.

The consequences of not treating this problem can be severe.  Ongoing friction in relationships due to sexual problems can lead to separation, unfaithfulness, and prolonged emotional duress for both partners.  Many women fear sexual intercourse so much that they avoid male companionship and possible relationships.  As the problem becomes ingrained in the psyche, possibilities for love and satisfying sex life are lost and replaced by loneliness, low self-esteem, and depression.

As women age, free radial damge ravages the skin:
  • Age 20+ - pigmentation los
  • Age 30+ - connective fiber breakdown (skin becomes more lax)
  • Age 40+ - loss of elasticity (skin sags)
There is hair thinning, loss, and greying:
  • 30 million women experience hair loss worldwide
  • 21 million women suffer from thinning hair in the USA
  • Age 35 - 40% of women have experienced hair loss
  • Age 40 - hair follicle size begins to narrow
  • Age 50 - half of Caucasian women have 50% grey hair
  • Age 60 - 65% of women begin to experience hair loss
  • Age 65 - 75% of women experience Androgenic Alopecia
Nail plate becomes thinner and "rail and grooves" form on nails.

Aging bring on a decrease in important sleep hormones: melatonin and growth hormone.  Less melatonin causes disruptions in sleep cycle and trouble falling asleep.
  • Restorative sleep starts decreasing at age 20
  • Age 30 and below - women get 2 hours of restorative sleep every night
  • Age 65 and above - women get 30 minutes of restorative sleep every night
  • Insomnia affects 40% of women over 65

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